Profilo aziendale ANNOZERO CREAZIONI Progettazione Realizzazione Vnedita Borse Artigianali Sportive ed Eleganti Novara provincia novara

ANNOZERO CREAZIONI was founded in 1995 through the initiative of Francesca Taranto acquiring an existing company in the industry, already existing on the territory for 40 years.

Company of handicraft character, lives and grows to a professional experience gained through the years. In particular Francesca brings in company his decades of experience in the clothing industry which gives her expertise in all phases of project development, in the cut, sewn in, for modeling, ironing, preparation, etc..

In the laboratory of ANNOZERO CREAZIONI on an area of ​​over 600 square meters, installed and used all the classic machines for the packaging of textile products: arm machines, cutting and sewing machines, two needles, zig zag, travettatrici, flanging, lapper, etc..

The company’s strengths are the ability to anticipate industry trends, offering modern and attractive collections and to meet the needs of customers more sensitive to the taste of the original product and quality.

Working with great ability all types of materials ensures the high quality of processing and the origin of the goods only Italians.


ANNOZERO CREAZIONI | Via IV Novembre, 10 | 28040 Paruzzaro (No)
Tel. +39 00322 53609 - Cell. +39 345 8437553 |
P.Iva 02470990033