ANNOZERO CREAZIONI Progettazione Realizzazione Vendita Borse Artigianali Sportive ed Eleganti Novara provincia novaraANNOZERO CREAZIONI, in addition to their product line , using various types of material from leather to tissue (cotton, linen , etc. . ) until recycling of windsurf sails , manufactures and implements projects in private label.

In particular bags that are born from the imagination and creativity of Francesca that designs and realizes them in collaboration with all your crew.

Rebecca realizes bags for lady, classic or modern, technical bags, sports bags and schoolbags.

Also that deals with pillow, manufactures sheets, towels, shade net curtains.

If you have an idea in mind , or even a model already outlined, for the practical realization, please contact Rebecca

Creations that will help you develop and implement the whole. Starting from your “imagination” ( both in terms of materials and specifications ) ANNOZERO CREAZIONI will develop one or more prototypes to be as close to the requested proposal to conclude all with the final realization.

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